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Custom roasted beans for the ultimate coffee experience.


Want the freshest cup of coffee?  Then you want a recent roast.  Do you know when your coffee was roasted?

After roasting, let the beans rest for 3 days after roasting and enjoy within 2 weeks for the peak of coffee flavor. 

No need to freeze or refrigerate.  Taste the difference with our small batch roasting. 

We proudly stamp our Roasted Date on every custom roast.    


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Sulawesi:   A semi-wet processed coffee, classic cup like Java, but with more exotic spice and dark fruit flavors. Roast flavors tend towards chocolate. 



Full City


1 - $15

5 - $8

.25- $5

Ethiopian: Famous for its blueberry notes. Also expect apricot, chocolate, leather, wineyness, and even gamey notes. These are dry process, complex cups, prized for espresso blends.

Colombian:  Medium bodied, medium acid.

Papa New Guinea: Fruity and light bodied.

Burundi:  Lower acid, heavier bodied coffees with vanilla and chocolate roast tastes. 

Guatemala:  Spicy, smoky cups that can take darker roasts. Heavier bodied than most centrals.

Brazil:  Creamy bodied, low acid coffees.  These are mild tasting, mostly with milk chocolate, cherry, and sassafras notes.



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We will grind your coffee for you upon request for a $3 surcharge up to a pound of any coffee bean we roast.

Custom roast coffee available for local delivery or Homestead pickup in Leander, TX.